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Why Direct Mail?
Why Direct Mail?

Why Direct Mail?

Even in these times of email, social networking and doing almost everything online, there is still a place in every marketing strategy for direct mail. It is a cost effective way of targeting your audience and getting the message across.

Here are the main reasons why direct marketing is still relevant even today.

Pitching your products or services to someone takes time, and after all that effort you might only sell one product or service. Crafting a compelling marketing message then pitching it to hundreds, or thousands of people at once is a much more effective way of marketing. You might even end up selling hundreds of products or services.

Direct mail also allows you to target your audience. Most good direct mail lists will be sorted, categorised and in the right demographic for your pitch. This means you waste less time, effort and money on those who are unlikely to be receptive to that pitch. By pinpointing your intended recipients, you restrict the use of resources to those who are most likely to bite.

If the marketing mail contains an effective call to action the response should be swift and sure. Depending on the offer and the bait, you should hear back from most of those who are going to respond within a couple of weeks. This gives you a fairly quick turnaround and picture of how well done the campaign was, or not.

Direct Mail campaigns are easy to track. They are one of the easiest marketing projects to manage and it quickly gives you an idea of how effective it was. The return on investment is also quick to calculate depending on the response. Businesses that waste money don’t stay in business long, so counting each and every penny spent is an essential part of any advertising campaign.

Along the same economic lines, direct mail campaigns are still relatively inexpensive. Holborn Direct Mail will save you substantial postage costs via our contracts with Royal Mail and our international consolidators. If you can provide your own opt-in list, the whole thing becomes even cheaper.

The last main advantage of direct mail is that it’s personal. Even though it may be carried out on an industrial scale, carefully worded copy can seem to address the recipient directly and avoid the impersonal spray and pray advertising like TV adverts and billboards. Unlike those methods, the mail piece also gets the recipient’s undivided attention, for a few seconds at least.

That attention is worth the cost alone, as most other forms of advertising can’t do that. Advertising companies spend hundreds of millions of pounds every year trying to get your attention. How effective are they? Not very. We are all becoming ‘ad-blind’ and tuning out the advertising that clamours for our attention.

Direct mail is in your face, but in a nice way and offers advantages that other advertising methods can only dream of.
Why Direct Mail?
Why Direct Mail?
Why Direct Mail?
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