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The Benefits of Direct Mail
The Benefits of Direct Mail

The Benefits of Direct Mail

Despite the huge increase in internet marketing strategies, direct mail still has a part to play. It is much more targetable and trackable than most internet marketing campaigns and not much more expensive.

If cost is a consideration, and it is for most of us, then you have to be clever with your campaign. Use a reputable mailing house and lean on them for strategies, and ways to cut costs. A good mailing house will do all they can to support you and your ideas. After all, a client paying less is better than an ex-client paying nothing.

Fine tuning opt-in lists and changing the media or the format are both very effective ways of reducing costs and improving efficiency. Sort the wheat from the chaff in a list and what you spend is immediately more targeted. Changing the media from expensive card, to slightly less expensive card with a finish saves money and doesn't look any cheaper.

The list needs to be kept up to date, and still relate to real people. If you buy your list, make sure you keep it updated as much as possible, or at least buy the latest one.

Make the direct mail simple and easy to read. Ensure you use the format to its best advantage, by targeting the copy to achieve the perceived goals. It doesn't matter if the media is a letter, postcard, or a full on gift box, it has to inform the audience and call them to action.

The copy needs to be quick, sharp and to the point. The idea of a direct mail campaign is to excite desire, curiosity or emotion enough to drive them to your site, your store, or whatever. There is no point boring the reader with facts and figures. Keep it short and punchy while offering enough information to incite curiosity, then call them to action.

Your time is much better spent doing business, making contacts and doing whatever it is you do best. Leave direct marketing or mailing to the professionals. They will do it much quicker and much more effectively than you can. You could spend all day printing, folding, stamping and stuffing and I'm sure you have better things to do. A professional direct mail outfit could have the job done in a couple of hours, and have the mail out the door before you have the first one finished.

Direct mail still has a valuable place in business today; it just has to be undertaken in an intelligent and measured way to get results.
The Benefits of Direct Mail
The Benefits of Direct Mail
The Benefits of Direct Mail
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