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Could Your Fundraising Direct Mail Campaigns Be More Effective?
Could Your Fundraising Direct Mail Campaigns Be More Effective?

Could Your Fundraising Direct Mail Campaigns Be More Effective?

Could Your Fundraising Direct Mail Campaigns Be More Effective?
Could Your Fundraising Direct Mail Campaigns Be More Effective?

Make your appeal letters appealing

As with any direct mail campaign, careful planning is essential. Even when a disaster strikes, an emergency appeal has to be acted upon professionally as well as urgently in order to receive a rapid response. A basic, simple, short appeal letter is all that is needed, if the content is sufficient to make donors aware of the disaster, how their donations will be used and how to respond.

Give them the easy option

Giving donors as many options as possible to donate is important, make it easy for them – some prefer to pick up the phone, some prefer the ease of donating online, and some prefer more traditional methods, such as posting a reply form back (this means that a reply envelope should always be included in your appeal pack).


Whether your direct mail campaign is an emergency appeal or not, it is essential that your database of donors is kept accurate and up-to-date. The last thing that you need is wasting valuable money on a direct mail campaign to people that don't exist, have moved, or are not interested in receiving your mailing.
Regular newsletters should be posted to your supporters, and should include examples of your charity's work. It is a good idea to show how donations of varying amounts can help against each cause. As some donors like to choose how their gift would be put to use, the response form should include the relevant "tick box" options.
Thank you
It is also important to include a heartfelt "thank you" when writing to donors. Let them know how they made a difference. Use stories of lives that were helped, so they can see that it's real and worth their efforts.

I expect that you are extremely passionate about the wonderful work that is being done by your charity. Make sure that you share this passion with your donors when writing to thank them.

We all like to feel as though we're appreciated - not just asked for more money. Direct mail provides a great platform from which to show your appreciation.
Integrated Direct Mail
Successful fundraising direct mail campaigns demonstrate the relationship between offline and online marketing perfectly. Donors like to receive real mail, as it is more personal; they can hold it, and keep it to read at a time of their choosing. However, many donors like to donate online, as a result of receiving their direct mail.
Attention span of a goldfish
In our fast-paced lives, the reality is that many of us don't actually read anything from start through to finish. Instead, we scan it. Therefore, as with any direct mail, it's best practice to make your content easy to read, repetitive and not too lengthy. Focus on the donor, rather than your charity. Once you've got it right, your donors will appreciate frequent direct mailings.
Could Your Fundraising Direct Mail Campaigns Be More Effective?
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