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How direct mail can engage all the senses
How direct mail can engage all the senses

How direct mail can engage all the senses

I was just embarking on writing an article on sensory direct mail advertising, and my copy of Print Power, published by Two Sides, arrived in the post – perfect timing. Straight away, without opening the cover of the magazine, I was presented with beautifully embossed, vibrant colours that literally ‘stood out’. The stunning vivid image of a giant fresh strawberry being cut by a pair of scissors, set on pure white, is just waiting to be sniffed, and doesn’t disappoint. It certainly grabbed my focus and became a talking point.
How direct mail can engage all the senses
How direct mail can engage all the senses

Using colour in direct mail to grab attention, and influence

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Who doesn’t feel better for looking at the palette of colours on offer by Mother Nature, especially on a bright, sunny day? I always say that my favourite colour is blue, because when the sky is blue all the other colours come to life.

Most of us are looking at screens in various forms for more hours than we should. It’s a welcome break when we receive a direct mail colour postcard or pack containing carefully crafted print. Colours are incredibly powerful, with each one triggering different emotions. Using colours well will increase the influence of your message.

Such is the power of colours; some believe that coloured lights have healing properties, known as chromotherapy. There is a whole science behind using colours and combinations. A colour wheel will help when choosing good matches that create perfect harmony. However, it is important to remember that colour combinations viewed on a screen can look very different in print.

Sound and Vision

Presenting your products or services on a video will give your audience a memorable extension of your brand.

Combining this innovation with the power of personalised direct mail and print via a video brochure will increase your chances of your message being read, seen, heard, and remembered.


Apart from the endless techniques that can be applied to enhance your print, the choice of paper is just as important. Speciality paper options are constantly expanding, and can add to the tactile properties of your marketing brochure. The beautiful feel of exotic, textured paper creates memorable interest, and can only increase the physical presence of your direct mail advertising.
Fragranced print has moved on a long way since the old "scratch & sniff” campaigns. In fact, print infused with fragrance doesn’t even require any touch. Alternatively, using minute, encapsulated bubbles, just touching the printed area releases the aroma. Not just for perfume manufacturers, the nostalgic and emotive properties of scent can be used in direct mail advertising by a restaurant to promote a new dish on the menu, for example; or a wine producer promoting a new addition.
Influencing people through the power of flavoured print or direct mail has not been used to the same extent as alternative sensory methods. Therefore, when the Fanta magazine advert used flavoured inks on a tear-off strip of edible paper to promote its new taste, it really stood out in the advertising world.
Engaging all the senses
With so many creative solutions on offer, it is possible to send out a direct mail pack that will engage all of the senses as soon as the envelope is opened.

Interactive print has opened the doors to instant connections from offline to online, some triggered by an app or QR code, and some with fully functional images, not requiring either. A print advert from Glacial beer, printed with salt particles to reduce the temperature at which water freezes, is soaked and wrapped around the beer bottle and put into the freezer to cool your beer more quickly.

A sheet of paper from Shikun & Binui Solaria displays a drawing in black and white. The text invites readers to "Look at the page facing the sunlight”. On doing so, the image is transformed into full colour, displaying further details on their solar energy products.

Make your direct mail advertising an engaging sensory experience for your customers and prospects to enjoy, talk about, and remember.
How direct mail can engage all the senses
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