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Direct Mail Marketing & Vinyl - The Office Turntable
Direct Mail Marketing & Vinyl - The Office Turntable

Direct Mail Marketing & Vinyl - The Office Turntable

Producing new ideas that are unique, creative and innovative is a constant challenge for all marketers.

Direct mail allows us to produce a whole array of novel mail pieces, using limitless designs, media, sizes, shapes and formats.

The introduction of technology, which is constantly evolving, has created an exciting new addition to print and direct mail. Rather than destroying direct mail, it has opened up the doors for direct mail to re-invent itself, and connect with your audience in new inspirational interactive ways.

Watching this video, my attention was instantly grabbed when I saw that these marketers had taken a very nostalgic and traditional medium for playing music, real vinyl, and combined it with the most traditional method of direct marketing. Two traditional ideas, put together to make one creative and innovative direct mail campaign.
Direct Mail Marketing & Vinyl - The Office Turntable
Direct Mail Marketing & Vinyl - The Office Turntable

The Benefits

The secret behind direct mail marketing lies in the ability to capture the attention of the viewer or audience immediately; if done correctly there is no more powerful form of marketing.

As technology advances, we are seeing more and more new ways of marketing to customers and audiences all the time.

Recently however, there has been a newcomer to the market, something that really captures the true essence of traditional direct mail marketing - something that is guaranteed to pull in a customers' attention in a very unique way.

The office turntable is a novel way of presenting ideas to a customer that combines the intrigue and culture surrounding traditional vinyl music with the accessibility of technology. The basic idea is that the customer receives the vinyl disc in the post from the company or business. The packaging that the disc arrived in then also plays the part as a desktop turntable. By utilising mobile technology, the user can access the related content on the internet via their mobile phone and interact with it according to the advertiser's specifications.

The first obvious benefit that stands out for this service is the attention-grabbing power of vinyl. Vinyl music has made a comeback in a big way recently and purists maintain this truly is the best way to listen to music - this is a good mental image for prospects to be connecting to a product or service. Particularly in the music and entertainment industry, or if there is a true need to rise above the competition.

Utilising technology in this way is also an excellent way to appeal to an audience's curiosity; naturally leading to more opens and interactions with the product. This is great if an industry is notoriously difficult to advertise to.

Because the office turntable utilises aspects from both the traditional world and the technological world, there are a huge range of applications. Think past the music industry, where this product was created and think outside the box. This could be a great way to promote a podcast, a radio station, an audiobook, a hollywood blockbuster, a graphic design or photography business, a university or college course and even corporate products and services such as real estate, and manufacturing.

By using the included turntable, this product also has the ability to synchronise with other online platforms seamlessly; linking up to a business webpage or an online media platform for the business, and propelling a prospective customer towards taking action.

Direct Mail Marketing & Vinyl - The Office Turntable
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