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Programmatic Direct Mail
Programmatic Direct Mail

Programmatic Direct Mail

It happens all the time! Prospects visit your website, they go as far as placing items into the shopping cart or bag, and then they exit the site before completing the transaction. However, they must have been interested in your product/s to reach this stage of the process. Imagine being able to identify the postal addresses of these prospects, in order to follow up with a personalised direct mail piece that is tailored to them by their online searches. If they receive a tactile image in print through direct mail; that may just be the trigger to prompt them to revisit and complete the purchase.

Thanks to the ever-evolving world of technology, programmatic direct mail is bridging the gap between online and offline marketing. Online analytics enables relevant direct mail, based on the contents of the online basket, to reach that potential customer.

Your prospects are doing all the work for you in terms of letting you know exactly what they are considering purchasing. Taking the guess work out of targeting, you are able to reach those prospects with personalised information on that exact product, at exactly the right time.

Marketers are forever striving to find better ways to engage with their potential customers. For all of its positives, there are many negative aspects of digital marketing such as pop-ups and display ads, and recipients have a far greater trust in direct mail.

So, when a customer goes to your site, searches and places item/s in the shopping basket, and abandons at the last minute for whatever reason, show them what they have missed out on in the best way possible. Stay ahead of the competition and send them a direct mail piece, displaying the item or items in glorious print, before they shop elsewhere.
Programmatic Direct Mail
Programmatic Direct Mail

The Direct Mail Effect

To give your customers a complete sensory experience, look no further than direct mail. Make that all-important connection and emotional engagement, by putting printed materials into their hands. The touch and smell of the paper cannot be experienced by viewing on a screen. The feel of that special finishing effect applied to the cover of a brochure can only be imagined online.

There are plenty of available statistics that prove its effectiveness, such as the vast increase of online purchases made as a result of receiving direct mail. So, when people visit your site and nearly make a purchase, instead of constantly bombarding them with display ads, how about a little gentle persuasion via direct mail? People enjoy receiving real physical mail, and will remember it as it holds their attention for longer than digital ads.

There’s no better way to persuade your prospect to go back to your site and complete that purchase!
Programmatic Direct Mail
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