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Giving your customers what they want
Giving your customers what they want

Giving your customers what they want

Giving your customers what they want
Giving your customers what they want

Why we like to look at stunning views

We are so used to looking at screens that are right in our faces. When presented with the view of a stunning landscape in reality (not on a screen), there is a theory that it provides relaxation for our minds; heightening our senses and giving us a feeling of elation.

In a similar way, it has been proven that a different part of our brain is stimulated when looking at print, than the part of our brain that reacts to looking at the same content on screen. Our brain prefers looking at paper, as it is less tiring. It has also been shown that we can focus on, and remember printed content for longer. People find comfort in the way a brochure feels, smells, and looks.

When looking to upgrade earlier this year, I was most disappointed to learn that Carphone Warehouse had decided to ditch their printed brochures. I found it incredibly frustrating and tiring attempting to switch between their online pages to compare their deals. How easy it was before to flick the pages in their printed brochure, to make these comparisons.

Of course retailers should give access to all their products online, but they should also remember the importance of providing printed brochures to increase their chances of gaining and keeping customers. When I go into a shop to enquire about a range of products, there are often too many options to remember. I ask if they have a brochure displaying their wares. If I am told, "No, it’s all online”, it is likely that I would forget about purchasing from that retailer. A take-away brochure would trigger my desire to investigate further, and would be a more memorable experience.

Argos decided to stop producing their printed laminated catalogues, which could be leafed throughout their branches. After receiving complaints, they have decided to listen to their customers and re-introduce their printed catalogues. Argos realised the importance of giving people what they want, and acted upon it.

It is indeed great news that there is currently a resurgence of printed brochures from top-brand businesses. Print that includes all possible link options to online information is a perfect first port of call that your customers can keep and digest at their leisure. After all, giving your customers what they want should be the top priority for any business.

Together with being an ideal showcase to take away from a High Street shop, a printed brochure sent out to your direct mail targets will ensure that you keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

Take your direct mail advertising up a few notches with VDP

Thanks to ever-advancing technology, it is now possible to personalise your printed materials for direct mail, using variable data printing (VDP). VDP allows personalisation of text and graphics, specific to each recipient, without loss of print speed. Whatever your line of business, your readers could receive a bespoke brochure packed with offers perfectly tailored to their profile, bringing personalised direct mail to an elated level.
Giving your customers what they want
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