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Boost your business with Glossy Brochures in Direct Mail
Boost your business with Glossy Brochures in Direct Mail

Boost your business with Glossy Brochures in Direct Mail

There is no better way to showcase your products or services than within a full-colour booklet, or glossy brochure. Unlike emails that are often deleted very quickly, your readers are more likely to keep your printed material.
Boost your business with Glossy Brochures in Direct Mail
Boost your business with Glossy Brochures in Direct Mail


The most successful charities know that the best way of sharing their news, displaying their work and how their donors have helped, is through the medium of a printed booklet.

Does it have to be expensive?

No; your A5 booklet can be just as attention grabbing and engaging as a full-colour glossy A4 brochure, but at a fraction of the expense. Printing companies will offer volume discounts on large quantities.

Postage costs

The obvious point to consider is whether you can display all that you want within an A5 booklet. So long as the total weight of the mailing pack (including the envelope) is under 100gms, it will qualify for Royal Mail's "Letter" rate. A standard C5 envelope (16.2cm x 22.9cm / 6.4inches x 9inches) weighs approximately 8gms.

Royal Mail offer volume discount rates on their postal services that are subject to VAT. If your organisation cannot claim back VAT, there is a "VAT Exempt" postal service.
Paper options
This is really down to preference. I have leafed through many compelling reads produced on recycled matte paper, and I just love the feel and aroma of glossy brochures. You may consider using paper that is infused with a fragrance; adding another powerful sensory experience to the physical engagement.

Try printing out your artwork onto different samples of paper stock to see which really enhances your content, before making that decision.
The first thing your recipients are going to see is the cover of your brochure or booklet. As this is your only chance to make a good first impression, it has to be impressive, attention grabbing, and compelling enough to encourage your audience to continue reading.

Include quality full-colour images throughout to convey your message. Don't baffle with too much waffle; focus on your reader. Simple design can be the most effective, and will keep your costs down.
Proof-read, and proof-read again
Employ the services of a professional for this. You may be spending a large amount of money on print and postage for your direct mail campaign. If there are any mistakes in your spelling or grammar, sadly that is the first thing that readers usually notice; giving an unprofessional presentation - not good!
Call to action
With technology evolving at a rapid pace, give your readers as many options as possible to respond, embracing all that is available. It should all be about making it as easy as possible for your readers. Apart from the usual telephone, email, and reply post methods, give your readers all possible options to visit your website, social media pages, etc. When used properly, QR codes are still proving to be popular and effective, along with Augmented Reality within print.
There are some incredibly creative and innovative ideas in sensory paper, die-cutting, and print showcased in print industry magazines, such as Print Solutions published by Earth Island Publishing Ltd, and Print Power published by Two Sides. I certainly look forward to receiving my copies.

If you get it right, your readers will look forward to receiving your brochures or booklets on a regular basis. Remember to be consistent with your brand's logo, colour, etc - to maintain the trust of your audience.
Variable data printing
To make a real impact, consider using the services of a company that offers variable data printing. This process works in a similar way to mail merging a letter. However, it not only involves personalising to the recipient's name, the images and text throughout can also be personalised.

Another innovative idea I recently read about are personalised maps created by locr maps. The mail piece includes a customised map showing the route from the reader's street location to the location of your business. The particular example that grabbed my attention produced staggering responses. Readers connect immediately, as they can see their journey within the mail piece.

This all goes to prove just how versatile direct mail can be. Whichever options suit your business, dare to be different with the size and layout of your artwork. Be creative, and stand out over your competition.
Boost your business with Glossy Brochures in Direct Mail
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