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Direct Mail Marketing FAQ’s
Direct Mail Marketing FAQ’s

Direct Mail Marketing FAQ’s

If you’re still unsure whether to embark on a direct mail marketing or fundraising campaign, please see below some frequently asked questions about direct mail, together with our answers.
Direct Mail Marketing FAQ’s
Direct Mail Marketing FAQ’s

Why should I be sending direct mailshots?

Physical direct mail stays in the memory of its recipient for longer than online marketing. It heightens brand awareness as it is often kept as a reminder to act, making it the most successful method of gaining new customers and staying in touch with established clients.

People of all ages trust direct mail and enjoy its engaging, sensory and emotive properties. Most people prefer to read printed materials than a digital screen as it’s a more relaxing experience.

Direct mail has stood the test of time and will give you the edge over your competitors who are not using direct mail in their marketing mix.

Why do personalised mailshots get a better response rate?

Making your direct mail message and offer relevant to your recipient has never been easier. If your mailshot is tailored to the profile of your audience, the appeal and connection will be much stronger than sending them a non-personalised piece of mail that looks like junk mail.

How do I target my mailshot?

None of us wish to waste money or time on mailing to the wrong people. The more you can filter the profile of new prospects the better. A third-party, professional data expert can help you pinpoint the ideal criteria for your direct mail offer, to ensure that you are mailing the right message to the right people.

Remember to keep contact with your existing clients or donors with your mailshots as well, to maintain continuity and awareness of your brand or charity.
What about the cost of a mailshot?
Although many businesses are more than capable of sending out their own mailshots, it’s worth considering that a professional mailing house will save you valuable time and money involved in the whole process; such as printing, supplying and addressing envelopes, and particularly postage costs.

Direct mail postcards are an ideal, cost-effective first point of contact with your recipients, and can be followed up with a booklet or brochure mailing for example, once the interest is there.
How can I measure the response?
Don’t be discouraged by past efforts of direct mail campaigns that have resulted in poor response rates. Before starting a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s worth spending time on ensuring that your address list is clean, relevant and up to date, and that your direct mail content is tailored to your recipients.

Ensure you are able to track the success of your direct mail marketing by including unique calls to action. These calls to action could include a QR code, a URL linking to a specific landing page of your site, a unique telephone number for the campaign, or a coded reply form or card (remember to include a reply envelope in your direct mail pack to make responding easier). To compare the success of one direct mail campaign against another, always give each one a different code. This will help you establish which mailshots have performed best.
How long does it take to know if the mailshot has worked?
If your direct mail pack includes clear calls to action, expect to hear back from those that wish to respond within a couple of weeks from posting.

Be sure to monitor whether respondents to a particular mailshot have visited your website, completed and returned a reply card, sent you an email, or telephoned you.
Is direct mail marketing dead?
Far from it! Research has shown that many people respond by visiting a web site and purchase or donate online as a result of receiving direct mail.

Direct mail marketing excels over other advertising options, because

• It has that tangible personal "touch”
• It is focussed on a relevant audience
• It allows you to establish the success of your marketing campaign
• Possibilities of shapes and sizes are limited only by your imagination
• It enables you to create multiple touch points with your recipient by integrating direct mail with other marketing methods
• It increases the success of your overall marketing when integrated into the mix
How can we maximise the creative impact of a direct mail campaign?
Direct mail is special because of the endless options and possibilities. Apart from different shapes, colours and sizes, or using interactive print or video mailers, consider using one of the many printing techniques available such as embossing, foil printing, thermography, die-cutting or gilt edging, to create a stunning first impression of your brand.

Read how direct mail has the power to engage all of the senses to give a truly memorable experience to your recipients, or how to make your fundraising direct mail more effective.

Test a big new creative idea on a small scale before a full launch, to avoid wasting money.

With any direct mail marketing, remember to include an attention grabbing headline, create a sense of urgency, and be sure to let your prospects know how your products or services will be of benefit to them.
Direct Mail Marketing FAQ’s
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