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Direct Mail Printing Options

Before the invention of printing, we had to rely on handwritten copy for education purposes. This was all to change in the 15th century, when movable type used on a wooden press was invented and printing was conceived. Through the centuries, we perfected paper and ink production together with printing techniques. Litho printing really began to take off during the Victorian era, and only recently has there been the alternative option of digital printing.

Litho or Digital Printing?

Each method has its strengths and uses. Litho printing is a slower and more costly process, as plates have to be made for each printing job. This method suits larger volume print runs.

Digital printing is a much faster method, as no plate making is required. However, even today, the quality of digital printing is no match for that of litho printing. Also, not all paper types are suitable for digital printers. The main advantage of digital printing is that it allows variable data printing, and is ideal for small print runs.

Direct Mail Letter Printing

If a large print run is required, but the colour element is generic (e.g. logo, heading, footer), it is usually more cost-effective for the colour printing to be processed on a litho printer in advance, with the black text and personalisation laser printed afterwards.

Printing companies are able to advise on the most suitable and cost-effective option for your requirements.

Offline in an Online World

It's an exciting time for direct mail, as there are so many new creative ideas happening within print. There are plenty of options on offer, allowing marketers to make an unforgettable impression with their direct mail campaigns. Whether it is QR codes, augmented reality, video brochures or web keys, all can be integrated into your direct mail piece.

It's important to keep direct mail copy short enough to grab and sustain your reader's attention. If your reader is able to view the intended content on your website from a link on the mail piece, this enables you to keep the mail piece content shorter; but add an element of intrigue in your direct mail - enough to motivate your readers to act on the link.

It's no wonder that direct mail has stood the test of time. Although more marketing is taking place in the digital world these days, it would seem that online integration has only strengthened the marketing presence of direct mail, with both working in cohesion resulting in a strong end product.
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