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Handwritten Direct Mail
Handwritten Direct Mail

Handwritten Direct Mail

In this age of computers, fonts and typography it's easy to forget our roots. When it's so simple to create, edit and print something on a computer, it's no surprise that handwriting is becoming a lost art. Handwriting can be leveraged very effectively in marketing, and here's why.

We are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages each day in many different forms, the radio, TV, paper and magazines, and of course direct mail. To many of us this is just noise, and many advertising agencies merely try to shout harder to be heard over the competition, aggravating the problem.

Using handwriting in marketing materials may take a little more time and effort but is sure to pay off in conversions. There is something about a handwritten letter that almost compels you to read it. Try it the next time you find something handwritten. Try throwing it out without reading it first, I bet you can't. There is something personal in handwriting, as if the author has written it especially for you. As if they have taken the time to put pen to paper and address you as an individual rather than a nameless prospect.

I received a postcard the other day from a women's hairdressers. It wasn't relevant to me at all as I'm male, but I found myself reading it anyway just because it looked personal. If that could make me take the time to read something I already knew wasn't relevant for me, what could it do for my clients?

If at all possible use actual handwriting and have it digitised. There are plenty of handwriting type fonts around, but they are so obviously fonts that you won't get the effect you're after if you use those. There are computer programs that can capture handwriting; I would suggest using one of those.

The personal touch is the key ingredient in these kinds of advertising media. If you're going to use this method make sure you can add personal touches to it. Use the prospects name if you can to add to the personal effect.

Don't forget to create the need and provide a call to action. Merely using handwriting isn't enough to guarantee conversions on its own. Handwriting just breaks down barriers and gets the message noticed. You will still need to use every trick in the book to convince people to contact you.

Use postcard media to best effect so the handwriting is clear to the recipient. Use the same method to print the address too. Using stock labels or printed addresses will just show up the handwriting as a gimmick rather than create the personal effect we want.

Make the card as authentic as you can. Don't be afraid to use a picture on one side and your copy on the other, just make sure the image fits the offer, the company and the message.

Use whatever you need to grab their attention and increase the conversions. It isn't about who shouts loudest or longest, but who says it best.

Please contact Holborn Direct Mail for details on ready-made fonts or how to use your own handwriting.
Handwritten Direct Mail
Handwritten Direct Mail

Something old, something new!

Combine traditional marketing methods with the latest technology - add a QR code to your handwritten direct mail - the perfect marketing combination. Read more about QR codes.

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Handwritten Direct Mail
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