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Be direct with your direct mail content


The advantage of direct mail

Straight away, you are at an advantage. Your readers are much more likely to finish reading your content within your direct mail pack than online - just make sure that it is compelling enough to sustain their attention.

Find the perfect balance between providing too much information, and not enough

When reading direct mail content, if a section spans pages and pages I struggle to stay focussed. Worst case, I read to the end and am still at a loss as to what the business is offering. Too much information!

Content needs to stay relevant and concise. I need to see clearly:
  • how the products or services of the business would specifically benefit me
  • that they have connected with me
  • what puts them above their competitors
  • what makes them experts in their field
  • that they are trustworthy
  • that it has been addressed to me personally, with correct spelling of my name
  • that it is tailored to fit my profile

A missed point is a missed opportunity

The company could be selling something that is revolutionary; that would really enhance my life. But if their content is missing the point it’s a missed opportunity.
Tell it like it is
Similarly, too little information can be just as disastrous. A case in point is Direct Mail Postcards. As content space is limited, it is crucial that it conveys the correct objective immediately with enough enthusiasm to motivate me to read on to learn how to find further information online, or how to take advantage of the offer that I cannot refuse.

Direct mail should include stunning visual content with informative imagery. Test colours that match your message. We all like looking at pictures, and relevant infographics can be very engaging and easier on the brain than standalone, endless rambling text.
Let me tell you a story
You may wish to tell the story of the person behind your company products or services. When done well, this makes for an interesting read and can demonstrate why what you offer is unique.
Erroneous apostrophes and misspellings
I am a stickler for proof-reading. I can’t help myself. When reading a menu in a restaurant I have to remind myself that the objective is for me to choose my meal and not to check it for misspellings or erroneous apostrophes. I am sometimes tempted to ask the waiter, "Could I have one of your salad’s, but without the apostrophe?” My point is that if there are any mistakes within the direct mail content, I’m afraid that is probably the first, and maybe only thing I shall notice.

Even if you choose to write your own content, make sure that it is checked by a professional before going to print and even more importantly, before posting your direct mail campaign.
Are you content with your direct mail content?
When checking your content, read it again as if you were the recipient and then ask:
  • Does it provide too much, or too little information?
  • Is it clear, specific and precise?
  • Does it have the all important hook to convert you?
  • Does it sustain your attention?
  • Does it include compelling sub-headings?
  • Does it give easy instructions on how to take action?
  • Does it make false promises?
P.S. Is it all summed up with a P.S. to make it easy for you to act quickly?
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